Exhibitions in Colombia and Other Countries Artwork By Diana Francia

Diana Francia has been strongly and continuously participating in a large number of collective and individual art exhibitions, her paintings have been exhibited in several countries, such as the United States, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia

Group Exhibitions Abroad - Art Diana Francia

2016 Malaga, Spain VI Exhibition Picassian Gallery ArteAdiscar (Oct.)
2016 Santiago, Chile, the Color of Sounds, Mai Colombia Cultural of Paine center. (October)
2016 Ibarra, Ecuador, Contemporary trends, the cultural center El Cuartel, Mai Colombia (Oct.)
2016 Malaga, Spain, exhibition inauguration of the Gallery ArteAdiscar (June)
2016 Talca, Chile the Color of Sounds Univ. Autónoma de Chile (June)
2016 Miami, Florida-USA Latin Expression Art Gallery Colombian painters EMPORIUM (May)
2016 Malaga-Spain Spring Exhibition at Arteadiscar gallery (April)
2016 Viña del Mar, Chile, the Color of Sounds, Sala Arregui (April)
2016 Santiago, Chile, the Color of Sounds Cultural Center, Casona Nemesio Antúnez La Reina. Mai Colombia (January))
2015 Malaga, Spain, V InternationalPicassiana de Málaga  (Nov.)
2015 Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, 23ª Minarte Ideal, Albano Hartz Cultural Space (August)
2015 Ibarra, Ecuador, Latin American Collective of Mai Colombia, the Nicolás Herrera Museum Ibarra r (July)
2015 Córdoba, Spain,   Invisible Worlds Exhibition, MAI Colombia at the Aires De Córdoba Gallery (July-August)
2015 Venice, Italy, Spying on History with Casanova. Venetian Soho, Carrión Gallery (April)
2015 Gramado, RS, Brazil, 21st International Interchange of Miniart Ideal, Municipal Center of Culture Rua Leopoldo Rosenfeld, 818 (January)
2014 Gramado, RS-Brazil, 21st International Interchange of Miniarte IDEAL 2014/2015 Cultural Center Rua Leopoldo Rosenfeld, 818 (Nov.)
2014 Málaga, Spain, IV Picassian International Exhibition Málaga Spain ArteAdiscar Gallery (Nov.)
2014 Mendoza, Argentina, International Exhibition, Dreams and Colors, La Barraca Art Gallery (Sep.)
2014 Tetuan, Morocco, 1th Contemporary International Art Fair Tetuán City of The Arts Modern Art Center Of Tetuán (August)
2014 Porto Alegre, Brazil, Miniarte Ideal 2014 Duque Gallery (August)
2014Liège, Royaume de Belgique, Colombian painters - Le Printemps of Colombiartística In Belgique Espace 30 - rue Hors Château 30, 4000 (Mayo)
2014 Culiacan, Mexico, Historical Archive Of The State Of Sinaloa, World Parallel Exhibition, Awarded Work with Honorable Mention (April)
2014 Mazatlan, Mexico, Archaeological Museum of the City Of Mazatlán, Alquimia and Color Exhibition (April)
2014 Liege, Belgium, Silent Auction, Art Without Borders, Du 15 at 30 Janvier 2014 Galerie LA SPIRALE, rue de la Goffe 18/4000 (January)
2013 Malaga, Spain, III Picassian Exhibition, Picasso and Its Naked. Arteadiscar Gallery 1st, Floor, Vialia, María Zambrano  (Oct.)
2013 Liège, Belgium, Naive Art Festival Exhibition La Spirale Gallery (Oct)
2013 Miami, USA, Exhibition Colombian Services Fair in Miami - The Fair Expo Center Fuchs Pavillon (Sep.)
2013 Liege, Belgium, Exhibition Colombian painters Femmes Du Monde Au Printemps, La Spirale Gallery Rally Femmes du Monde Liège in Europe (April)
2013 Liege, Belgique, Exhibition Femmes Du Monde Liège 2013, organized by La Asbl CPCR and the cultural association Colombiartística, Place: "Asbl CPCR" rue Jonruelle, 11 Saint-Léonard 4000 Liège (March)
2013 Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca, España, Picassian Taurine Exhibition at Hotel Conde Rodrigo II Organized by the Arteadiscar Gallery (January)
2013 Paris-France, Thuillier Gallery - Paris Le "Les Toiles De L'hiver" Room (January)
2012 Miami, USA, Exhibition of Religious Art - Colombian painters In The General Consulate Of Colombia In Miami - USA (Dec.)
2012 Malaga, Spain, 2nd - Picassian International Exhibition (Oct)

Solo Exhibitions - Art Diana Francia

2016 Bogotá, Colombia, Diana Francia Solo Exhibition “Feel Percent” el Callejón Central Library Art Gallery (Julio)
2015 Bogotá, Colombia, Diana Francia Solo Exhibition "My World" Atheneum World Trade Center Club (August)
2014 Bogotá, Colombia, Diana Francia Solo Exhibition "Body, And Soul Naked" Corporation Atheneum World Trade Center Club. (February) 

Group Exhibitions - Art Diana Francia

2016 Barichara-Colombia, Baricharte International Plastic Arts Exhibition, Aquileo, Mai Colombia (Dec.)
2016 Medellín-Colombia, International Exhibition Baudelaire Visits Medellín, Alianza Francesa, Mai Colombia (Nov)
2016 Malaga-Spain Vi Exhibition Picassian - ArteAdiscar Gallery (Oct.)
2016 Bogotá-Colombia "Collective Five" Exhibition "Andrey Heredia Gallery. (Oct)
2016 Santiago-Chile "The Color of Sounds" of Paine Center Cultural. (Oct)
2016 Ibarra-Ecuador, "Contemporary Trends C. Cultural "EL CUARTEL" (Oct.)
2016 Bogota-Colombia, 20/20 ART WITH VISION IV VERSION Delegated House of Nariño
2016 Charalá, S / der, Colombia - House of Culture Luis Roncancio (July)
2016 San Gil, S / der, Colombia Latin Expression Art House of Culture, San Gil In July
2016 Cali, Valle.-Colombia, Realities and Visions, Dome Museum Library D / mental (jun)
2016 Talca - Chile "THE COLOR OF SOUNDS" Univ. Autónoma de Chile (June)
2016 Miami Florida-USA Latin Expression Art, Emporium Gallery (May)
2016 Malaga- Spain Spring Exhibition, Arteadiscar (April)
2016 Viña del Mar-Chile The Color Of Sounds "Sala Arlegui (April)
2016 The Peñol-Colombia, "Presence and Testimony" Historical Museum of Peñol (April)
2016 Bogota-Colombia, Feel Expo 2016 Cultural Creative Industries Fair (April)
2016 Bogota-Colombia, "The Night with the Arts 2016" at the Residence of the United States Ambassador to Colombia (April)
2016 Bogota-Colombia, “Homage to Colombian Paints Of the 20th Century" Technological Corporation of Bogotá. Guest artist (March)
2016 Bogota-Colombia Participation in the mural ¨From Art for Peace¨ organizes La Escalera Gallery, Maloka. (March)
2016 Santiago de Chile-Chile, "The Color of Sounds" Cultural Casona Nemesio Antúnez La Reina, Mai Colombia (January)
2015 Barichara-Colombia, Baricharte International Plastic Arts Exhibition, Aquileo, Mai Colombia (Dic)
2015 Bogota - Colombia, "Christmas Exhibition" el Callejón Central Library Gallery (Dic.)
2015 Santa Marta - Colombia,"Displacement, and Territory, A History to Count" Magdalena Art Museum (Nov.)
2015 Bogota - Colombia, International Exhibition of Collective Art "Kontemporarte, Delegated House of the Government of Nariño (Nov.)
2015 B/manga-Santander, "12 Colored Countries” of Mai Colombia Knight Mantilla Hall Of The Municipal Institute Of Culture And Tourism (Nov)
2015 Bogota - Colombia "Naif Walk for the Alley" el Callejón Gallery (Nov)
2015 Malaga - Spain V International Expo Picassian 2015 (Nov.)
2015 Bogota - Colombia Exhibition "Spaces and Signs" In Zona L Gallery (Oct.)
2015 Bogota -Colombia Exhibition "Ancestral Trees,  University Los Libertadores (Oct.)
2015 Bogota - Colombia 1th Naif International Art Salon "Ingenuous Worlds" Atheneum World Trade Center Club (Sep)
2015 Barranquilla - Colombia, Exhibition in the framework of the itinerant Documentary Tour II, Alianza Francesa (Sep)
2015 Medellin - Colombia, Exhibition in the context of the Touring Documentary Tour II, Pontificia Bolivariana. (Sep)
2015 Novo Hamburgo - Brazil, 23ª Ideal Miniart, At Albano Hartz Cultural Space, (August)
2015 Ibarra-Ecuador, Latin American Collective of the International MAI in the Nicolás Herrera Museum (July)
2015 Córdoba- Spain, "Exhibition of Invisible Worlds" MAI Colombia, Aires De Córdoba España Gallery (July-August)
2015 Bogota-Colombia "20/20" Art With Vision 3rd Version 2015 World Trade Center Club (May)
2015 Neiva-Colombia Thematic Exhibition "Lines and Colors to Contribute La Paz" Huila Contemporary Art Museum (April)
2015 Bogota-Colombia, Consejo De Bogotá, Participation in the mural "From Art for Peace “La Escalera Gallery, May)
2015 Bogota-Colombia "Women and Art, Cenda University Corporation (April)
2015 S/Marta-Colombia. 6th Salon of Religious Art, Art Museum of the University of Magdalena (Award-Winning Artist)
2015 Venice-Italy, Spying On History with Casanova. Carrión Gallery (April)
2015 Bogota-Colombia "WOMEN AND ART". CTB Guest artist (March)
2015 Bogota-Colombia, Mural ¨Desde el Arte por la Paz¨ La Escalera Gallery, National Capitol, Senate of the Republic. (March)
2015 Bucaramanga-S / der-Colombia “Hall of Art Malaga City” Institute of Culture and Tourism, (March)
2015 Neiva-Colombia, Mai International Colombia "The Eyes of Art" Museum of Contemporary MACH (March)
2014 Barichara-Colombia, Baricharte International Exhibition of Plastic Arts Exhibition hall Aquileo Parra (Dec)
2014 Cali-Colombia, Mai Colombia International, El sotano Gallery (Nov)
2014 Bogota-Colombia, XV Exhibition Santa Fe De Bogotá Foundation by the Santa Fe Foundation of Bogota-Medical Association of the Andes (Nov)
2014 Gramado, RS-Brasil, 21st International Interchange of Miniarte Ideal Brazil Municipal Cultural Center Rua
2014 Bogota-Colombia, Exhibition "For the Roads Of Art" Second Artistic Meeting Casa Delegada De Nariño (Nov.)
2014 Málaga-Spain, Iv Picassian International Exhibition G. ArteAdiscar (Nov)
2014 Bogota-Colombia, International Zqd / Mai Colombia, Theater Cádiz (Oct.)
2014 Bogota-Colombia, From Art for La Paz - La Escalera Gallery (Oct)
2014 Tetuan-Morocco. I International Contemporary Art Fair City Of The Arts At The Modern Art Center Of Tetuan (Morocco)
2014 Mendoza-Argentina, International Exhibition "Mendoza Dreams And Colors" La Barraca Mall Art Gallery, (Sep.)
2014 Bogota-Colombia, X Fray Angelic Art Salon Santo Tomás De Aquino (Sep.)
2014 Medellín (Antioquia) -Colombia, Alegrarte.1er Encounter Of The Arts (Sept)
2014 Bogota-Colombia, International Exhibition "Encounters and Visions" Contemporary Art Museum "MAC" By MAI Colombia (Aug.)
2014 Porto Alegre-Brazil, Miniarte Ideal 2014 Duque Gallery In Porto Alegre.Brazil (Aug.)
2014 Bogota-Colombia, 1ST. Environmental  Art Car Casa del Valle (Aug.)
2014 Bogota-Colombia, Exhibition "Biodiversity and Art" By the Ministry of the Environment of Colombia and Kontemporánea Traveling Art (May)
2014 Bogota-Colombia, "20/20" .20 Artists, 20 Miradas, Organized by Itinerant Artist Art, Atheneum World Trade Center Club (May)
2014 Liège-Royaume De Belgique, Le Printemps De Colombiartística In Belgique, Espace 30, (Mayo)
2014 Culiacan-Mexico, Historical Archive of the State Of Sinaloa, World Parallel, Awarded Work with Honorable Mention (April)
2014 Mazatlan-Mexico, Archaeological Museum Of The City, Alchemy And Color, April
2014 Bogota-Colombia, solo Exhibition "Body And Soul To Nude" Atheneum World Trade Center Corporation. (Feb)
2014 Bogota-Colombia, "The Night Of The Arts 2014" Auction at the Residence of the United States Ambassador in Colombia Feb.
2014 Liege-Belgium, Silent Auction "Art Without Borders" - Du 15 au 30 Janvier 2014 Galerie LA SPIRALE, rue de la Goffe 18/4000 January
2013 Barichara (Santander) -Colombia, Baricharte International Exhibition at the Aquileo Parra Technical Institute. (Dec)

2013 Cota-Colombia, Exhibition, And Launch of the Roots of Our People's Book (participation the 2013 edition), Alcaldía de Cota. Dec.
2013 Bogotá-Colombia, Auction of Art Support Los Angeles De Luna participation and organization, Casa de Santander in Bogotá, (Nov)
2013 Bogota-Colombia, 20/20 Collective Art Exhibition - 20 artists, 20 views Organized by Kontemporánea, Casa de Santander at Bogotá Nov.
2013 Bogotá-Colombia, Collective Exhibition "El Pincel Y La Palabra"  Secretaría de Educación Distrital, IDARTES and Dahcnae, (Nov.)
2013 Malaga-Spain, 3th Picassian Exhibition, Picasso and Its Naked, Arteadiscar Gallery, Oct.
2013 Liège, Belgium, Naive Art Festival Exhibition La Spirale Gallery Oct.
2013 Bogota-Colombia,  Fray Angelic Art Exhibition, Colegio Santo Tomás de Aquino Sep.
2013 Miami-USA, Colombian painters Colombian Services Fair Exhibition Miami - The Fair Expo Center Fuchs Pavilion September 2013
2013 Medellin - Antioquia, Painting Live and Exhibition. The House of Culture of The Population August
2013 Medellin - Antioquia, ActionPainting and Exhibition Hotel Poblado Plaza (Agosto)
2013 Llano Grande / Antioquia-Colombia, Painting in Live and Exhibition, Hotel campestral, August 2013
2013 Tunja - Boyaca, Colombia “Artists of Blanco Painting Live for the Peace of Colombia" Painting live in the square San Francisco (July)
2013 Cartagena-Colombia, "Artists of the World painting Live for Peace" Live painting and exhibition At the Boutique Hotel LM (July)
2013 Cartagena-Colombia, Exhibition "Cartagena Is Filled With Blue" Museum Naval De Cartagena. July
2013 Cali-Colombia, Exhibition "Homage to Master Loochkartt" Space Gallery2, awarded with an Honorable Mention to the work (June)
2013 Bogota-Colombia, "Peace-Part-Tu" Exhibition Collective of Art from the United States, Mexico, and Colombia Geba Art Gallery. June
2013 Bogota-Colombia, "Las Americas" Grau Museum, the exhibition of art collectives from the United States, Mexico, and Colombia. June
2013 Bogota-Colombia, Auction Participation Pig Art Festival, Mariano Alvear Auditorium of the San Martin (Abri)l University
2013 Liege-Belgium, Femmes Du Monde Au Printemps Galerie LA SPIRALE Rally Femmes du Monde Liège 2013, projet itinerant Europe April
2013 Bogota-Colombia, Pig Art Festival Exhibition at Geba Art Gallery. (April)
2013 Bogota-Colombia, Exhibition "Fusión Colombia" Grau Museum (March)
2013 Liege-Belgique, Exhibition Colombian painters  "Femmes Du Monde Liège 2013" organized by La Asbl Cpcr, Colombiartística (Marzo)
2013 Bogota-Colombia, Exhibition Art Collection Works In Small Format Geba Art Gallery March
2013 Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca) -España, Picassian Taurine Exhibition (January)
2013 Paris-France, Thuillier Gallery - Paris Le "Les Toiles de l'hiver" Salon January
2012 Bogota-Colombia, Fray Angelic Art Salon, Santo Tomás de Aquino -Sep.
2012 Guatavita-Colombia, Guatavita Painting And Photography Encounter In The Framework Of The Xxiii Dorado Festival - Sep.
2012 Bogota-Colombia, Expo behind the Frame and the World of Gulliver, Zqd Gallery, (March)
2012 Bogota-Colombia, the World of Gulliver, ZQD Gallery (March)
2011 Bogota-Colombia, Ix Cundinamarca  "Policarpa Salavarrieta" Government of Cundinamarca, Department of Culture and Tourism Department, Colombian Cultural and Ecological Foundation. Awarded work with Honorable Mention "All Ordonez" Nov
2011 Bogota-Colombia, Fourth Call Visual Arts "Casa Ensamble", Eco-Art in House Readymade Ensemble titled displaced Oct
2011 Bogota-Colombia, Collective Sculpture Work In Public Space for the inauguration “Casa Ensamble"  "Eco - Art" Oct
2011 Bogota-Colombia, Winner Contest in the Open Call for Muralism Painting, Coffee Shop Usaquén Oct. (10 winners)
2011 Guatavita -Colombia, Painting and Photography Encounter XXII Festival Del Dorado The culture house- Sep.
2011 Bogota-Colombia, Expo. Fray Angélico Col. Santo Tomas De Aquino Sep.
2011 Bogota-Colombia, III Sample of Visual Arts Accumulations at Casa Ensamble
Artwork by Diana Francia. Exhibitions in Colombia and other countries.