Social Work by Diana Francia

Art Workshops and Live Painting


Art workshop and live painting for children, the elderly and people with special needs. The social work is a commitment to the artist Diana Francia with her social aspect


Calendar Programmer 2017, Colombian Painters for a New Opportunity of Life of the Social Foundation Transplant of Colombia. Two of my works illustrate this calendar to help this foundation Oct / 2016


Art Workshop for Children Location of Bosa, Workshop to children at neighborhood forests of San Bernardino Sep. 5/2015

Art Workshop, live painting, for children of the Los “Ángeles de Luna” foundation. Bogotá- Colombia. May 28/2015

Live Painting "Peace Paint And Sowing Life”, Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Organized by Pinturas Tito Pabón, Invites Artists To Paint For Peace In The Frame Of The Earth, 50 Blank canvases will become the message of Peace of the assistants, these works will be auctioned and will become a resource for the recovery of the Sierra Nevada Santa Marta through knowledge and infrastructure of National Parks of Colombia. Bogotá- Colombia October 2014

Live Painting Diversity Festival for the Theatrical Foundation Julio Cesar Luna Bogotá- Colombia October 2014

Art Workshop “Dripping, Art, Life and Feeling" Directed By Diana Francia. Plastic Artist, Organized by The Colombian League Against Cancer, with the support of the Chrysos Foundation. And Kontemporánea Itinerant Art Dripping painting (Dripping art) where the audience is shown how to create a light painting in approximately 15 minutes, Introduction to the technique of Dripping, and its main exponents by Master Edgar Estupiñán, Bogotá- Colombia May 2014


Theatrical Foundation Julio Cesar Luna. Art workshop and live painting for 35 children of the Moon Angels Foundation led by the teacher Omar Guio and the teacher Pilar Granados Bogotá- Colombia February 22, 2014

Auction Art Support Los Angeles De Luna Foundation, participation and organization in the auction of art support to the theatrical foundation, Organized by Kontemporánea, entity dedicated to promoting the art and artists at national and international level, House of Santander in Bogotá, Colombia November 2013

International Foundation “María Luisa De Moreno”. Educational art workshop for children of the foundation, live painting and painting exhibition of fusion artists Colombia Activity with 90 children of the María Luisa De Moreno Foundation, About the life and work of the master Fernando Botero, led by the teacher Andrés Loboguerrero. Medellin – Colombia, August 2013

ColegioAgripina Montes Del Valle, didactic workshop at the Educational Institution, vulnerable area of Medellin, 90 girls in the activity where we talk about life and Led by the teacher Andrés Loboguerrero.  Medellin – Colombia, August 2013

Oasis Foundation, Paradise (Bolivar City) Participant in the Art Workshop at the Oasis Foundation, the Colombian Fusion Collective attended with its members to give a Didactic workshop whose theme is focused on Know that it is Cultural heritage and the life and work of the artist Omar Rayo. Led by the teacher Leonel Fonseca Bogotá - Colombia March 2013

"FundaciónSonrisas Del Caribe"  (La Boquilla) Participant in artistic and pedagogical activity directed at the Cartagena community in La Boquilla neighborhood, which houses children with low economic resources, who benefited from a workshop on life and The work of the maestro Omar Rayo, dictated by  the Master  Leonel Fonseca accompanied by a group of exhibiting artists. July 2013 Cartagena - Colombia

Selected Artist Participation Pig Art Festival, Geba Art Gallery.100 pigs for a good cause, each artist intervened a piggy piece of solidarity to raise funds destined to allied foundations Bogotá-Colombia April 2013

Selected Artist Participation and Donation to the Theatrical Foundation Julio Cesar Luna at the Hotel Sheraton Bogotá Colombia Dec 2012Donation Catholic Community Bogotá-Colombia April 2011